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Rating and Billing Manager from NetCracker

Billing Specialists makes no apology for its belief that Rating and Billing Manager (RBM), which is the Revenue Managment application from NetCracker is a great Rating and Billing application. All of our consultants have previously worked for Convergys (since bought by NetCracker) in Cambridge, since it was known as Geneva and created by the UK company Geneva Technology Ltd.

Because our consultants were around the product as it was being developed in the late 1990s we probably have a greater knowledge of how it works, and crucually how it is intended to work, than most other consultants.

Our consultants were involved in the development of the product, supplying of professional services, implementating on site, giving training and a variety of other support tasks. This was during the 'dot-com boom' era when Geneva Technology acquired a new operator every three weeks, outstripping its rivals and winning the Queen's Award for Industry.

Geneva, now called RBM, has seen many improvements over the years and is, we believe, still the best 'Bill Anything to Anyone' product on the market. Billing Specialists. is perfectly placed to provide consultants for new RBM implementions and major upgrades.

RBM is so flexible with powerful discounting functionality than can encourage change in consumer behaviour. Opportunities for deployment are limitless. It could be used to bill for anything from congestion charging to public transport usage and manage loyalty-based schemes such as air miles and hotel frequent stay rewards. Its ability to handle multiple parties is ideal to manage revenue sharing opportunities with complex settlement arrangements.

RBM is being sold to an increasingly diverse market including a national lottery and energy company. For examples of how it is used, and details of some operators, see NetCracker RBM Press Releases.

Because we are independent from NetCracker and other systems integrators we are able to give a fair and honest appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the product. In particular we can advise on which parts of the rich set of funtionality provided by RBM that should be used on your project.

Want to know more?

Looking for information about RBM on the NetCracker website? Having difficulty? It's no use searching for "RBM", "Rating and Billing Manager", "Infinys" or "Geneva". None of those terms work. Despite the product being branded Rating and Billing Manager in the manuals and on the splash-screens (and that is how every user will know it) the web-site lists it only as Online Rating and Charging, although, of course, it is also an 'offline' solution as well. Internally NetCracker staff call it "NORC" meaning "NetCracker Online Rating and Charging", though that term isn't listed either!

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