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Billing Specialists has a very strong knowledge of the RBM schema and, crucially, the values to extract from the relevant database tables with the correct criteria to meet the reporting needs of clients.

RBM Reports

With our very strong knowledge of how RBM's powerful reporting framework is implemented and can be extended (for which public documentation is virtually non-existent) we set-up several reports to run from with the RBM framework and documented how this is done so that our client could then configure additional reports. We devised extensions so that, for example, the out-of-the-box RBM reports could be used to generate high-quality Excel spreadsheets, and distribute them to the relevant users.

For another client we configured and improved the RBM Report Wrapper provided by NetCracker to enable the operations team to easily identify reports that failed to complete successfully so that they could be fixed and rerun. When the client later upgraded to RBM 7.0 we merged our customised version with theirs. We found that several bug fixes we had made were now resolved by NetCracker!

On a 2011 project Billing Specialists worked with our client's report developer to help him produce PL/SQL procedures to query the RBM 4.3 database. We worked with him on the specifications from the business analyst, reviewed all of his code, and developed a framework to allow those reports to be run from RBM's scheduler (Task Master).

Also in 2011, for yet another client, we developed Java programs to extract invoice and charge information from the bill data produced by RBM's Billing Engine, to match the format produced by their legacy billing system following a data migration to RBM. We produced a further Java process to generate usage reports for their BOBO reseller customers.

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