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Billing Specialists has significant experience of NetCracker's Geneva/RBM™ Revenue Management software and has delivered a wide range of consultancy over several years.

This page contains some of the official news about RBM from the NetCracker press office and in the news pages on its website. The articles relate to many of the operators that Billing Specialists consultants have been involved with.

BSL consultants have worked on RBM projects in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, South Africa, Thailand, the United States and more than a dozen other countries. NetCracker publishes a long list of clients but not all of them use RBM, as some clients only use its OSS solutions.

Note: all press releases prior to 16th May 2012 refer to Convergys rather than NetCracker (a subsidiary of NEC Corporation).

RBM News from the NetCracker Press Office

09/05/2023 - Bulgaria-Based Telecommunications Service Provide upgrades RBM to support postpaid customers

Vivacom, which is Bulgaria's leading telecommunications service provider (and the first to upgrade to 5G), will consolidate on RBM (Netcracker Revenue Management, part of the Netcracker Digital BSS product suite), across postpaid mobile and fixed lines of business for all B2C and B2B customers.

12/04/2023 - SLT-MOBITEL Extends Partnership with Netcracker for RBM Converged Revenue Management

SLT-MOBITEL, the national ICT solutions provider of Sri Lanka and user of Netcracker's RBM for nearly two decades, will consolidate its billing system for upgraded fixed, mobile and online charging capabilities, creating a unified billing platform across all of its brands for real-time charging and billing solutions for customers.

04/04/2023 - Telenor Norway to leverage latest innovations of Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management

Norwegian Operator Telenor Norway will upgrade to the latest version of RBM to optimise operational processes, improve business flexibility and support new 5G services for all B2C and B2B customers.

14/03/2023 - Spectrum Enterprise migrates all customers to Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management

US telecommunications provider Spectrum Enterprise has used RBM for years but will now consolidation onto a single billing platform, meaning that those customers not already on RBM wil be migrated to it.

13/12/2022 - On-time and on-budget implementation of Netcracker suite (including) RBM Revenue Management) at Vodafone Hungary

Netcracker has has successfully delivered BSS2Cloud, a cloud-based solution that supports fixed-mobile convergence for Vodafone Hungary's B2C and small and medium enterprise customers with improved time to market, a strong business growth trajectory and an improved digital experience. The suite includes RBM for rating and billing.

06/12/2022 - Fastweb to use Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management on AWS

Leading Italian telecommunications operator Fastweb, which is part of the Swisscom Group, woill run Netcracker's RBM rating and billing functionality on Amazon Web services (AWS) — on an SaaS delivery model — for its business and wholesale operations.

21/09/2022 - UK's Virgin Media O2 selects Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management for consolidation onto single billing platform

UK mobile operator has beme using RBM for many years. Following its joint venture with Virgin Media in 2021, the combined group has chosen RBM as its unified rating and billing platform. It eventually plans to move to the cloud.

07/09/2022 - Blue Stream Fiber to utilise Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management for B2C and B2B customers

Communications Service Provider, Blue Stream Fiber, based in Florida, will utilise Netcracker Revenue Management across its Internet, phone, television, IT and network services for B2C and B2B customers.

26/07/2022 - Sky New Zealand extends lience to use Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management

Sky New Zealand will continue its use of Netcracker Revenue Management, part of the Netcracker Digital BSS product suite, for its satellite and broadband customers.

21/06/2022 - Altice Selects Netcracker Cloud solution that includes RBM Revenue Management

Altice has selected Netcracker Cloud BSS, including RBM, for an SaaS-based solution with optimised revenue management capabilities for its affiliates in Portugal, France, Israel, the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.

10/05/2022 - Astound Broadband expands deployment of Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management

Astound Broadband will expand its use of Netcracker Revenue Management, part of Netcracker Digital BSS, to bring together its regional Internet service providers in the US.

06/04/2022 - Belgian Operator Telenet deploys Netcracker's RBM Revenue Management

Belgian Operator Telenet has deployed the Online Charging System (OCS) solution, which includes RBM, to provide converged 'single-stack support' (i.e. a single platform) for fixed-line services (Internet, fixed telephony, digital TV) and wireless services.

15/09/2021 - Vodafone Oman selects Netcracker Digital BSS (including RBM) to support mobile network launch

Netcracker announced that Vodafone Oman, the newly formed mobile network in the Sultanate of Oman, will deploy its Digital BSS highly configurable and flexible solution, which includes RBM, enabling fast time-to-market whilst offering a rich customer experience, as the foundation of Vodafone’s BSS2Cloud initiative.

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19/10/2019 - Vodafone Germany expands Revenue Management and Billing Relationship with Netcracker to improve customer experience

Vodafone Germany, a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc and one of Germany's largest telecommunications service providers, uses Netcracker's RBM 'bill anything to anybody' software to help supports more than 44 million customers and rate 300 million calls per week. It has now extended the use of the software to bring new cable subscribers onto its Revenue Management platform.

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13/05/2019 - Grupo Gtd in Chile goes live with Netcracker's RBM billing solution

Grupo Gtd, a leading South American service provider based in Chile, has gone live with Netcracker's full-stack BSS/OSS suite, including RBM, as part of its large-scale B2B transformation programme.

Grupo Gtd will use Netcracker's comprehensive solution to introduce the next generation of services, digitalise the customer experience and automate ordering and fulfilment processes.

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18/09/2018 - Blue Stream deploys Netcracker's RBM billing solution

South Florida cable operator Blue Stream, which delivers TV, phone and Internet services to more than 40,000 customers, has gone live with Netcracker Technology's RBM Revenue Management solution to support its increasing subscriber base and enable more modernised billing operations. RBM will enable Blue Stream to bill for multiple services across business lines through a single, end-to-end platform.

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15/06/2018 - Vivo selects Netcracker's next-gen BSS products for B2B transformation programme

Vivo, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Telefónica Group, which currently uses RBM for B2C and B2B billing, will use more of Netcracker's BSS products to drive its large-scale B2B transformation.

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08/05/2018 - Bouygues Telecom in Franche widens its use of RBM to bill more of its business

French operator Bouygues Telecom has extended its use of the vendor's Revenue Management solution. Bouygues Telecom already uses Netcracker's solution for its mobile subscribers and plans to use the platform for fixed-line subscribers in Autumn 2018. RBM will support long-term Bouygues' growth strategies and streamline its core customer-facing processes and reduce operational expenditure.

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30/04/2018 - Charter Communications - second largest US cable service provider - commits to long-term use of RBM

Charter Communications, which is the second largest cable service provider in the United States and operates under the Spectrum brand, currently uses Netcracker's RBM application to bill more than half of its customer base, which comprises more than 25 million business and residential customers across the US following its acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in 2016. It has committed to long-term use of RBM.

22/01/2018 - RBM selected as the single rating and billing system by Tele Columbus Group

Tele Columbus, the third-largest cable network operator in Germany has selected RBM as the single billing and charging system for the entire Tele Columbus Group, which has 2.4 million unique subscribers across its B2B and B2C markets.

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20/11/2017 - RBM combines fixed and mobile services at Slovak Telekom

Netcracker's Converged Fixed and Mobile Revenue Management Solution has gone live at Slovak Telekom, which is the largest Slovak communications service provider and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. RBM is now being used for Slovak Telekom's residential and VSE [Very Small Enterprise] and SoHo [Small Office / Home Office] customers. RBM enables it to manage all billing and rating processes for both fixed and mobile customers through a single, converged, end-to-end system, thus reducing operating expenses and improve overall business agility by eliminating its reliance on multiple systems for mission-critical operations.

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24/10/2017 - Telefónica's Brazilian Subsidiary Vivo extends RBM use to 2020

Vivo, which currently uses RBM for B2C and B2B billing to more than 35 million subscribers, has extended its BSS Operations and Support contract with Netcracker until 2020. It provides fixed-line and mobile voice, television and internet broadband services to approximately 97 million subscribers.

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19/10/2017 - Vodafone Germany expands use of RBM by adding cable subscribers

Vodafone Germany has "expanded its Revenue Management and Billing Relationship with Netcracker to improve customer experience" according to the press release. The operator, which has been using RBM for many years, has now brought new cable subscribers onto the RBM platform.

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19/09/2017 - US's Midco uses RBM for its advanced B2B billing capability

Midcontinent Communications (Midco), whch operates across across the Midwestern United States providing internet, cable, fixed-line and home automated services to residential and business customers, has expanded and extended its billing relationship with Netcracker to enable more complex billing scenarios for its business customers. Midco will leverage RBM to enhance its ability to offer dynamic pricing options while reducing operational costs.

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18/09/2017 - RCN and Grande Communications select RBM to Optimise B2B and B2C Customer Experience

NetCracker announced that RCN, which provides digital TV, phone and internet services in the eastern states of the US, has selected Netcracker's Revenue Management solution, of which RBM is a key part, to improve efficiencies at both RCN and Grande Communications. They will use it to standardise all billing-related processes across its seven offices, replacing legacy system, and as a result will provide a much better customer experience.

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20/06/2017 - Hrvatski Telekom to monetise Fixed-Mobile Converged Services using RBM from NetCracker

Croatian operator, which has 2.2 million mobile subscribers, almost 1.0 million fixed lines, 408,000 television services and 763,000 broadband connections, has been using RBM to bill its cusomters since around 2005. It will base its large-scale IT transformation around RBM to commercialise and monetise its fixed-mobile convergence initiative. HT's customers will have flexibility and choice in how they consume and pay for their services.

Netcracker is also the preferred revenue management vendor at Deutsche Telekom, HT's parent company.

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15/05/2017 - Belgium's Telenet Selects RBM for Comprehensive Digital BSS Transformation

Telenet, which has more than two million customers and added three million mobile subscribers follow its acquisition of BASE in 2015, is the largest cable broadband service provider in Belgium, provides a range of digital television, fixed and mobile services to residential and business customers across Belgium and Luxembourg. It has chosen RBM to enable it to shorten time-to-market for new products and services, increase revenue from converged and third-party services, generate new revenue across both digital and physical channels, and improve customer retention and loyalty.

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15/05/2017 - Sri Lanka's Dialog Axiata to use RBM to Bill Across All Residential and B2B Lines of Business

RBM will be operated on a on a single platform by Dialog Axiata to rate and bill all of its customers, adding its retail and enterprise fixed-line subscribers to RBM, which was previously handling the GSM, digital TV and Wi-Fi lines of business.

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21/03/2017 - Telefónica uses Netcracker end-to-end BSS and OSS solution for its Wholesale and Roaming Transformation Programme

Telefónica Business Solutions is using Netcracker's end-to-end BSS/OSS stack to help its wholesale and roaming business become a more automated and efficient service provider by enabling the faster delivery of business services and with a significant cost reduction. This will include Netcracker's full Revenue Management solution, the key component of which is RBM.

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28/09/2016 - O2 in the UK commits to long-term use of RBM from NetCracker for rating and billing

NetCracker announced that Telefónica UK, which operates as O2, has extended and expanded its relationship with NetCracker by signing a multi-year renewal, including an enterprise licence for its RBM (Rating and Billing Manager) Revenue Management Solution. As well as its decade-long use of RBM for conventional mobile telephony rating and billing, O2 will also use its for the world’s largest M2M smart metering initiative and a sophisticated partner revenue-share model that allows its customers to conduct transactions with third parties and have those charges directly added to their O2 phone bill.

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22/08/2016 - Poland's Netia to get greater visibility of end-to-end billing and revenue management operations with RBM

NetCracker announced that it has signed a support and maintenance extension with Netia in Poland to use RBM, which includes the option to upgrade. Netia uses RBM to rate and bill the sevices on its 14,000-kilometre fibre-optic network, which spans more than 50 major Polish cities.

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29/03/2016 - Telefónica Germany has upgraded and extended its use of RBM

Telefónica Germany is one of the leading providers of fixed and mobile services for businesses across Germany, In 2011 it merged with HanseNet, which became one of the first live installations of RBM anywhere in the world in 1999. Telefónica has now upgraded to a new version of RBM and will now simplify and accelerate the rating and billing processes for its B2B operations.

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22/03/2016 - SmarTone in Hong Kong upgrades RBM to simplify its billing operations

SmarTone, which operates in Hong Kong and Macau, provides voice, multimedia and mobile broadband services through its 4G network and fixed-fibre broadband services for both the consumer and the corporate markets. Having used RBM for more than a decade, it has upgraded its version of RBM and as a result it aims to transform its eCommerce business, improve customer experience and future-proof its IT infrastructure.

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16/02/2016 - Thailand's TOT Combines Pre-Paid, Post-Paid, Mobile and Fixed Billing with RBM from NetCracker

TOT, which is a leading provider of fixed and mobile telephony services across Thailand, has implemented RBM to consolidate its pre-paid and post-paid fixed and mobile rating, charging and billing processes, which were previously managed on separate platforms. It will now be able to support convergent models and deliver innovative services and a superior customer experience.

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12/01/2016 - O2 in the UK adds nationwide smart-metering and mobile users' third-party purchases to its RBM footprint

UK mobile operator O2, formerly BT Cellnet, has been using RBM for rating and billing its 25 million customers for more than a decade. NetCracker has announced to significant expansions of its powerful, highly-flexible and scalable RBM application. O2 will now use RBM to charge third-part purchases to its mobile customers' phone bills and distribute revenue amongst its partners. In a second initiative RBM will be used by O2 for smart-metering of utility services across the UK, having won a contract from the UK government's Department for Energy and Climate Change department in 2013.

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07/01/2016 - Slovak Telekom adds mobile rating and billing to its use of RBM

Slovakian operator Slovak Telekom has been using RBM to bill its land-line customers for more than a decade. To streamline its operation, get better value from RBM and introduce new offers its mobile customers will be migrated to RBM as well. NetCracker will also be supplying professional service consultancy for the migration process including analysis, design, configuration, development, integration and testing services.

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27/10/2015 - Mexico operator Alestra uses RBM to Support New and Innovative Offerings

Mexico-based operator Alestra has gone live with RBM in order to support its innovative offerings and to reduce the total cost of ownership as RBM is highly configurable whereas its previous billing platform required expensive customisations. Alestra chose RBM as it would scale without compromising the quality and responsiveness expected by its customers - it can roll out new products swiftly and efficiently while simultaneously supporting its other offerings.

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13/08/2015 - Sri Lanka Telecom deploys NetCracker's RBM, interconnect and mediation solutions

Sri Lanka Telecom, which has been live with RBM for around a decade has just deployed an upgrade version, and is also using the interconnect and mediation solutions from NetCracker. The operator's aim is to achieve a faster time-to-market for next-generation offerings and services ("emerging digital business model") with the ability to configure new pricing models on the fly. The project was first announced to the market in June 2014.

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11/08/2015 - New Zealand's Sky Television to expand its use of RBM

Sky Television, the leading satellite pay-TV provider in New Zealand, will be making increased use of RBM, which is being upgraded to a later release, allowing it to bring more innovative offers to market to reflect changes in the way than consumers watch TV and access content.

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03/08/2015 - Thailand's AIS confirms long-term use of RBM to rate and bill its mobile services

A long-standing RBM user, Thailand's largest mobile phone operator (with more than 41 million subscribers), Advanced Info Services (AIS), has confirmed a multi-year renewal of its relationship with NetCracker to use RBM for rating and billing its mobile services.

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13/07/2015 - Robi Axiata Limited in Banglasdesh goes live with RBM for next-generation integrated rating and billing

Robi Axiata, one of the leading mobile operators in Bangladesh (with more than 25 million customers), has gone live with NetCracker's RBM application, along with its Customer Management solution, to provide enable next-generation integrated rating, billing and settlement for its subscribers as well as roaming and interconnect partners.

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09/06/2015 - Vast Broadband goes live with RBM for rating and billing of high-speed Internet, television and digital voice services

US cable operator Vast Broadband, which was previously known as Clarity Telecom, has gone live with RBM for rating and billing broadband services to both residential and corporate customers. Unlike most operators. NetCracker, which migrated the customer data from their legacy system to RBM, is providing a managed service to the operator.

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02/06/2015 - Bulgarian quad-play service provider VIVACOM uses RBM to rate and bill across its business.

Bulgarian largest communications service provider VIVACOM,which offers fixed-line, mobile, broadband and pay-TV services (commonly referred to as quad-play), will upgrade its version of RBM from NetCracker to unify rating, billing, and charging operations across all lines of business through a single real-time platform. The solution will help VIVACOM build its transaction management infrastructure, increase automation, support complex rating scenarios and accelerate time-to-market.

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20/05/2015 - C Spire goes live with RBM for mobile rating and billing

US telco C Spire, based in Mississippi, has gone live with a single instance of RBM for rating and billing both pre-paid and post-paid 2G, 3G and 4G LTE+ mobile services having migrated its customer base from two legacy systems. As well as RBM, C Spire are also using NetCracker's Active Mediation.

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02/04/2015 - UK operator Plusnet chooses RBM to transform its rating and billing infrastructure

RBM is 'coming home' to the UK as NetCracker will be installing RBM (which was developed in the UK) at Plusnet, a UK low-cost broadband and home phone services with both residential and business customers. NetCracker will be migrating the customer base from legacy systems.

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12/03/2015 - Schurz Communications renewals RBM licence for 'several years'

Schurz Communications, an existing US communications provider using RBM, has signed a multi-year deal with NetCracker to continue using RBM to bill its Cable TV customers in Indiana, Florida, Maryland and Arizona.

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03/02/2015 - WEHCO Media Signs Multi-Year Renewal for RBM from NetCracker

WEHCO Media has signed a long-term agreement with NetCracker to continue using RBM for the mission-critical rating and billing of customers of its cable TV services in the southern and south-western parts of the United States.

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14/01/2015 - US-Based RCN goes live with RBM from NetCracker

US-based cable provider RCN, which has markets in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC, has gone live with RBM to rate and bill for its high-speed Internet, digital TV, telephone and business communications services.

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22/04/2014 - US operator Champion Broadband agrees a multi-year renewal for its fully hosted RBM service

NetCracker will continue to host an RBM Service for Champion Broadband (a cable TV, Internet and telephony provider serving major urban and rural markets in the western United States) for its voice, broadband and entertainment services to the residential and SME customers as well as B2B services.

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31/03/2014 - RCN Telecom Services adds RBM to its BSS solutions from NetCracker

RCN, which is a US-based provider of high-speed Internet, digital TV, and telephone services, has signed a deal to add RBM to its suite of NetCracker applications in order to launch advanced on-demand products with personalised offerings to enrich the customer experience. RBM will be used in both commercial and residential markets.

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10/06/2013 - Norway's Canal Digital Kabel-TV chooses RBM for comprehensive transformation of its billing environment

Canal Digital Kabel-TV, a subsidiary of Telenor Norway, is the leading provider of HDTV to customers in Norway. The company offers over 100 different TV channels in analogue, digital, HD, or 3D quality via hybrid fibre-coaxial and fibre-to-the-home technologies. NetCracker has announced that RBM will completely replace Canal Digital Kabel-TV's legacy revenue management system and will provide the flexibility and functionality needed to support the increasing scope and complexity of the company's product and service offerings.

In a phased project Canal Digital Kabel-TV will first migrate its VoIP customers to RBM, followed by its digital TV and broadband customers. RBM has been used successfully for several years at its sister companies in the Telenor Group.

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15/05/2013 - Deutsche Telekom signs long-term contract to use RBM for rating and billing its fixed network

Deutsche Telekom will continue to use RBM to rate and bill for its fixed network in Germany, following the signing of a long-term contract with NetCracker. This will allow it to support new business models, reduce the time-to-market, and further reduce costs.

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14/05/2013 - RBM upgrade completed at Telenor Denmark

An upgrade of the RBM installation that Telenor Denmark uses for rating and billing its DSL service was part of a series of BSS/OSS system upgrades undertaken to optimise performance and reduce operational costs through enhanced efficiency.

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14/05/2013 - M-net Telekommunikations GmbH goes live with RBM consolidated billing platform to streamline operations

M-Net in Germany operates its own fibre-optic network and provides both business and residential users with a full range of telecommunications services (including telephony, Internet, DSL, and enterprise connectivity services). It is now using RBM to provide the scalability and flexibility to handle the high volumes and diverse transaction types needed to support a variety of service offerings.

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06/03/2013 - C Spire Wireless in US selects RBM to Consolidate and Transform Billing Infrastructure

US operator C Spire Wireless, which provides wireless voice and data services to consumers and businesses, will use RBM to consolidate and manage all of its billing, customer account, and service activation activities for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid customers. The company is the oldest continuously owned and operated wireless provider in the US.

C Spire's will move from multiple existing billing systems into a single, flexible, converged billing solution, RBM, which will eliminate third-party components, streamline and optimise operations, reduce the need for customisation, and support the launch of complex new products and services.

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20/02/2013 - RBM and other NetCracker BSS/OSS for Andorra Telecom's Service Provider Business Model

Andorra Telecom has selected NetCracker as the single supplier of its Business and Operations Support System. NetCracker's fully convergent next-generation software will provide customer management, product management, revenue management, and service fulfillment and assurance capabilities. This includes RBM, which has been used by Andorra Telecom for several years.

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22/01/2013 - RBM and other NetCracker BSS Solutions support next generation services from Mexico's Alestra

Alestra, the leading Mexican company in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, has selected BBS solutions from NetCracker Technology, including RBM, to streamline its current billing operations and support the launch of next-generation services.

RBM and the other components will simplify Alestra's billing operations, eliminating a number of custom processes and applications to lower OpEx and TCO, and thereby reduce the time and investment needed to optimise their existing system. Billing information will be transformed from multiple sources into a single data format, so that Alestra can better understand the customer experience. RBM will support charging and billing for next-generation offerings, such as cloud services.

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26/07/2012 - Netherlands operator Ziggo selects RBM from NetCracker to support new services and replace legacy systems

Ziggo is a leading media and communications provider in the Netherlands serving approximately three million retail and business customers with broadband Internet, digital TV, and fixed-line telephony services. It will be using NetCracker Technology's BSS Smart Revenue solutions that include RBM.

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27/02/2012 - Convergys deploying brand-new RBM-5.3 software to Latin America tier 1 operator UNE for real-time 4G

At the launch of RBM-5.3 at Mobile World Congress 2012 Convergys announced that it was deploying the new release (which includes "standards-based real-time policy control that links the network interface to billing and charging") to Columbian tier 1 operator UNE to "to improve speed and customer experience with a real-time view of customer data and faster time-to-market of personalised promotions." UNE offers integrated IP telephony, mobile, broadband, voice, video and other telecommunication services to residential and business customers. It will also be using Convergys Active Mediation.

Convergys says that the enhancements delivered in RBM-5.3 support:

08/02/2012 - E.ON IT Embraces Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions across its Group

German-based E.ON, one of the largest private power and gas companies in the world, has signed a new group-wide Framework Agreement to use Convergys' Smart Revenue Solutions (including Rating and Billing Manager) for Smart Metering and other purposes. This follows a successful series of pilots to test Convergys’ capability to deliver sophisticated rating and billing functionality.

According to a blog by Desert Sky Group's President Jon Brock, the first Convergys pilot was in Germany, which included smart grid tariffs, Sweden ran a pilot on C&I complex billing using market indexed pricing and Italy ran a convergent billing pilot for dual fuel (gas and electricity). He revealed that the framework deal with the E.ON group, which consists of twelve affiliates and 26 million customers, can implement any of the Convergys Smart Suite products and services that are available for the utility and energy retail markets.

04/10/2011 - Convergys partners with Plug Smart to provide RBM's Real-Time Rating and Billing for electric vehicles

Further proof that RBM can 'bill anything to anyone' was evident when Convergys announced a partnership with Plug Smart for real-time costing for consumption at electric vehicle charging stations based on the Zephyr platform. The RBM solution will provide instant authentication of users as well as the delivery of prices and balances in real-time.

22/09/2011 - First LTE wireless broadband deployment for Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager

LightSquared, the United States' first wholesale-only integrated LTE (Long-Term Evolution) wireless broadband and satellite network will implement Convergys’ Rating and Billing Manager, which will bill for 4G services to communication service providers and MVNOs under a complex wholesale model.

17/08/2011 - Convergys RBM project with Telekom Deutschland hits second milestone

"Telekom Deutschland's wireline subscribers have gone live on a state-of-the-art Convergys Smart Revenue Solution, RBM. Telekom Deutschland is the German operating company of Deutsche Telekom AG and has approximately 25 million fixed net subscribers."

"Convergys and Telekom Deutschland have been working together to migrate Europe's largest telecommunications provider from its legacy billing system to a new Convergys Smart Revenue Solution that includes Rating and Billing Manager. Convergys also implemented more than 25 new features in Rating and Billing Manager for Telekom Deutschland."

"The implementation team has now finished moving Telekom Deutschland's wireline customers to the new Convergys Smart Solution. Phase one of the project involved moving Telekom Deutschland's broadband subscribers to the platform."

27/06/2011 - Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions wins over China's International Telecommunications Provider G-Net

"Convergys will implement a single convergent billing platform comprised of Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) and sister-product Customer Service Manager (CSM) for G-Net. Convergys expects the implementation to be complete in the fourth quarter of 2011."

19/04/2011 - Convergys Rating and Billing Manager Goes Live at WildBlue

"WildBlue Communications, Inc. is using Convergys RBM as the billing platform for its consumer satellite broadband business."

"Convergys has completed the upgrade to WildBlue's billing platform to the latest Convergys Smart Rating and Billing Manager (RBM). Convergys provided the people, software, and tools to manage the implementation and is operating the solution within the WildBlue data centre."

WildBlue COO Kevin Harkenrider said "The ability to offer new services and gain increased flexibility with the new Convergys Rating and Billing Manager is a crucial part of implementing our growth strategy."

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10/02/2011 - Convergys Introduces 4G Solution to Optimise Telecom Profits

"Just ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Convergys announced the immediate availability of the Convergys 4G Solution, a next generation billing and customer care solution designed to enhance telecom operators' ability to monetise their high-speed voice and data network."

"By combining Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) with Convergys Product Catalogue Manager (PCM), operators are able to launch products in a matter of hours or days rather than months. The explosion of data usage predicted with 4G rollouts will also result in the adoption of smarter data pricing models. Rating and Billing Manager provides key capabilities to offer a variety of innovative pricing models - with a much shorter time to market."

"Rating and Billing Manager can help reduce operating expenses by automating most of the billing tasks that are handled manually in legacy environments. It also offers one of the most accurate billing systems available in the market, freeing the billing team to focus on new offers and services, rather than correcting bad debts and billing disputes that come from over or under charging. The solution's real-time credit control capability can also help reduce debt exposure in a multi-partner service environment."

16/11/2010 - SmarTone-Vodafone upgrades RBM to drive competitive offerings and customer loyalty

"SmarTone-Vodafone, a leading provider of total telecommunications services in Hong Kong and Macau, has upgraded to the next-generation of Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) Smart App. The two companies also signed a five-year service contract for the solution."

Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) is helping SmarTone-Vodafone drive customer loyalty through the launch of creative new services, such as mobile broadband and fixed mobile convergence. With Convergys Rating and Billing Manager, SmarTone-Vodafone can also provide real-time billing authorisation for postpaid subscribers and speed pricing offers quickly and efficiently to market in a very competitive environment."

11/11/2010 - Product Announcement - Boost revenue and lower churn with RBM-5.0 Real-Time Intelligence

"Convergys announces the worldwide availability of Convergys Smart Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) 5.0, which provides communications and utilities companies with advanced credit management and is part of Convergys Smart Suite of BSS Solutions."

"Convergys has enhanced Smart Rating and Billing Manager 5.0 so that customers can set service-specific cost restrictions for usage to combat unexpected charges, or set individual credit limits for organisation or family groups on a single billing account."

RBM 5.0 includes "Flexible lifecycle management and enhancement of offers aimed at the pre-pay segment allowing better real-time control over customers" and "Real-time policies improving support for communications providers, such as parental controls for phone calls and television channels, and better controls for late fees for utilities."

20/10/2010 - Convergys RBM is the logical choice for Logica's BSS Transformation Project

"Logica has recently signed a contract to administer the IT and billing requirements of a global telecommunications services provider's white label managed services programme", which will use the "Rating and Billing Manager Smart App, part of Convergys' Smart BSS Solutions portfolio."

13/10/2010 - Orange Austria goes live with Convergys Smart BSS Solutions including RBM

"Orange Austria, the third largest mobile network provider in Austria with 2.2 million subscribers, has gone live with Convergys' Smart BSS Solutions" having "upgraded its installation of Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) to experience the full benefit of the Real-Time Convergent Charging solution."

The European Union (EU) recently imposed a regulation making it mandatory for telecommunications providers to have real-time control over the costs incurred by data roamers" to "notify each of their subscribers through text messaging when the subscriber has reached a certain threshold of data-roaming charges on his or her monthly bill."

07/10/2010 - Alltel Wireless Selects Convergys Smart Solutions (including RBM) for BSS Technologies and Services

"Convergys has signed a contract with Alltel Wireless for an end-to-end BSS solution to include Service Activation Manager, Customer Service Manager (CSM), Rating and Billing Manager (RBM), Real-Time Convergent Charging Solution and Active Mediation."

28/09/2010 - RBM upgrade for Vodacom South Africa supports 2008 World Cup fever

"Thanks to a successful upgrade to Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM), Vodacom was able to launch a range of new football-themed products and services before the start of the World Cup which took place from 11th June to 11th July 2008 in South Africa."

"The upgrade to Convergys Rating and Billing Manager and the 'go-live' of some 3.5 million postpaid wholesale wireless subscribers on the system" was "completed on time and at the agreed price, enabling Vodacom South Africa (a Convergys client since 2001) to deliver on its football tournament strategy."

21/09/2010 - Convergys RBM implementation supports Kabel Deutschland's triple-play offering

"With implementation of its Convergys solution (based on Rating and Billing Manager) now complete, Kabel Deutschland is poised to grow its triple play offering."

"Rating and Billing Manager supports full convergence enabling Kabel Deutschland to create innovative service bundles incorporating digital TV, broadband internet, and telephony services. In addition, Rating and Billing Manager's robust design allows for the rapid creation of new services without customisation, speeding time to market and reducing operational costs. Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager will also help Kabel Deutschland drive an enhanced customer experience through the provision of clear and accurate billing information and reap significant efficiency gains in the operational, dunning, and collection processes."

16/09/2010 - Asia-Pac telecoms provider standardises on Convergys solutions (including RBM) to drive business results

"Convergys has successfully completed a complex customer migration and Convergys RBM upgrade for a leading telecommunication and information service provider in the Asia Pacific region on time and on budget.

"This client provides nationwide cellular postpaid services through two brands, one on a CDMA network and the other on a GSM network. The client had been running and maintaining two separate installations of Convergys Rating and Billing Manager Smart App to support the brands' subscribers."

31/08/2010 - Targeted promotions underway at TMN following successful Convergys implementation

"'Happy Hour' promotions are in full swing at TMN, Portugal's largest wireless provider, following a successful Convergys RBM upgrade."

"Owned by Portugal Telecom, TMN has been a Convergys client since 2001. In that time, Convergys has delivered improvements in its Smart BSS Solutions system capabilities and performance to help TMN serve its growing subscriber base, which now numbers more than 7 million."

"The upgrade of Convergys Rating and Billing Manager features a number of key benefits to enable improved operation and control of the billing system, including: partial rating in real-time, default price plans, improved management and performance of large data files."

26/08/2010 - Breakthrough in billing of simultaneous events earns new patent for Convergys

Convergys has received a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a breakthrough that redefines the way communications service providers can rate and bill real-time pre-paid and post-paid subscriber events."

"It extends the already robust functionality of Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) Smart App to provide real-time convergent charging and billing of simultaneous events," said Vinay Mehta, Convergys Senior Vice President, Software Development. "Making this advanced functionality available can give telecommunications carriers all over the world enhanced revenue assurance capabilities that directly impact their bottom line."

24/08/2010 - Convergys Completes RBM upgrade for Vodafone wholesale business in Australia

"Convergys has completed a project to implement Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) and Active Mediation Smart Apps for Vodafone's wholesale business in Australia."

"By migrating its wholesale business subscribers onto the proven Convergys solutions used for its MVNO operation, Vodafone can provide the same high quality customer experience to all its MVNO and wholesale subscribers."

17/08/2010 - Major European national lottery selects Convergys RBM to manage agents and launch new games

"A top European national lottery has signed a multi-year licensing, support, and maintenance contract to implement Convergys Smart BSS Solutions, including Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM), to support its dealer billing and commissioning."

"This national lottery manages games of chance including lottery, scratch card, and sport gambling games, and sells and collects revenue through thousands of resellers nationwide. It required a sophisticated billing and commissioning solution that would enable it to quickly launch new and innovative games and commissioning schemes to retain and attract new lottery agents."

12/08/2010 - Online Consulting Company Selects Convergys RBM to Drive Growth

"Convergys has signed a three-year contract for its Smart BSS Solutions. It is an innovative online business services destination, community, and marketplace where individuals can chat live with thousands of consultants in a broad range of categories such as health, technology, business and arts."

"This new client is utilising Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) to handle its overall revenue management, online charging, and settlement for its wide range of B2C and B2B online services."

"Leading companies in a wide range of fields use Convergys Rating and Billing Manager for their real-time charging initiatives. However, this is the first time an online consulting firm has implemented this type of billing solution for its business, highlighting the flexibility of the RBM solution to meet the demands of complex real-time billing across multiple industries and multiple vertical markets."

03/06/2010 - Telefónica selects Convergys to support corporate customers of its International Services business

"Telefónica International Wholesale Services manages the central services platform supporting Telefónica Multinational Solutions extensive and competitive catalogue of high quality, end-to-end telecommunications services including voice, broadband, IP, and mobile services, to its MNC customers."

"Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) will support Telefónica's MNC customers with end-to-end multinational real-time rating, billing, and reporting for fixed, mobile, and data services. Convergys' Professional Services team will implement the solution."

24/02/2010 - Telecom Egypt implements Convergys RBM to support customer satisfaction and profitable growth

"Convergys has completed the implementation of Convergys' Smart BSS Solutions for Telecom Egypt, which is the largest operator and fixed-line provider in the Middle East."

"Telecom Egypt is using Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) Smart App to enable a customer-centric approach to its subscribers. With RBM Telecom Egypt can, for example, launch flexible and responsive market-driven subscriber offers and promotions, rate and bill in real time, and provide a consolidated bill for subscribers with multiple national and international telephone lines."

"Convergys has now migrated all of Telecom Egypt's many millions of subscribers to RBM, which is rating and billing all instances of subscriber activity."

In 2006 Telecom Egypt signed a five-year licensing contract to replace its existing billing system with RBM, according to a Convergys press release on 24/09/2007.

19/10/2009 - NTELOS Deploys Enhanced Real-Time Convergent Charging Solution from Convergys

NTELOS, a regional provider of wireless and wireline communications services to consumers and businesses, has reportedly implemented the enhanced RBM Real-Time Convergent Charging Solution from Convergys. NTELOS is the first North American client to implement this solution, according to Convergys.

This report is from and not a Convergys press release.

15/09/2009 - Duke Energy Selects Convergys to Support Smart Grid Initiative

"Duke Energy, the third largest electric power holding company in the United States, and Convergys have entered into an agreement to provide an innovative next generation billing and customer management solution to support the rapid advance of smart grid technology and enable a richer, more effective customer service experience for utility customers."

"Duke Energy will implement smart grid technology for approximately four million electric and gas customers in five US states through the provisioning of Convergys Rating and Billing (RBM), Customer Management, and Collections modules as part of a highly scalable, real time Smart Customer Information System (CIS) solution."

06/01/2009 - Cricket Communications Inc. to use Convergys' Active Mediation and Rating and Billing Manager

Cricket Communications Inc. owned by Leap Wireless International Inc. "has signed a multi-year managed services agreement with Convergys for the implementation and ongoing management of a new billing system based on Convergys' Active Mediation and Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) product offerings."

"We believe that the new state-of-the-art Convergys billing system will help address the scalability needs of our business," said Dave Truzinski, senior vice president and chief information officer for Cricket. "We believe this system has capabilities that will improve the timeliness and accuracy of billing, enhance the speed to market for our innovative products and services and deliver an 'always on' customer service and sales environment."

08/12/2008 - Thailand's AIS deploys RBM-3.0 to support strategy for subscriber growth

"A longstanding Convergys client, AIS chose to deploy Convergys' RBM-3.0 to support the launch of on-demand 3G services and upgraded network capacity for its customers. AIS is also taking advantage of new product functionality available in RBM-3.0 including Costed Event Partitioning (CEP) and Distributed Revenue Processing (DRP), to improve performance and enhance operational processes throughout its business"

"Convergys completed the upgrade on time and on budget, successfully migrating over seven million accounts onto Rating and Billing version 3.0 in the process."

04/12/2008 - British Telecom signs new five-year contract for Convergys Rating and Billing Manager

Convergys is BT's strategic billing partner and RBM is BT's rater and biller of choice. Convergys will support BT's major business divisions including BT Retail, BT Wholesale, and BT Global Services.

According to Clive Selley, MD, Global Platforms, BT Design "RBM provides BT with billing accuracy which directly supports BT's company-wide 'right first time' approach to delivering customer service."

09/10/2008 - ZON TV Cabo upgrades to Convergys RBM-3.0 to support rollout of advanced services

"ZON TV Cabo will upgrade its legacy system to Convergys Rating and Billing version 3.0 to support its countrywide cable and satellite network, and triple play service offerings (combined voice, Internet, and TV Services), as well as help it introduce new, innovative services planned for later this year. A team of Convergys specialists will work on the upgrade project with ZON TV Cabo in Lisbon."

"ZON TV Cabo, part of the ZON Multimedia group, is the leading cable operator in Portugal, with over 1.5 million customers and over 2 million homes passed."

15/09/2008 - Netsize implements upgraded version of Convergys' Rating and Billing Business Support Solution

"Convergys has completed the implementation of an upgraded version of RBM, its comprehensive, convergent business support solution, for Netsize Group. RBM provides the foundation for Netsize's billing management of its direct network connectivity for promotion, distribution of mobile content, and services over a range of channels including SMS, WAP, GPRS, and 3G."

"Netsize has been using Geneva/RBM since 2001 and the Convergys solution now bills all Netsize's products."

27/08/2008 - Convergys' RBM billing solution implemented for German telecoms operator T-Home

"Convergys' RBM billing solution has gone live for T-Home in collaboration with ActiveBilling GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, the project manager. Deutsche Telekom's T-Home is a leading telecommunications operator in Germany and currently provides services to some 30 million fixed line customers and 13 million broadband subscribers."

"This is the first phase of a wider project to replace T-Home's billing systems for broadband and wireline subscribers with one RBM-based solution. The second phase will see all the T-Home wireline customers migrated to the system with the benefit of enhanced functionality."

22/04/2008 - India's largest telco chooses Convergys RBM to lower IT costs and launch convergent services

India's Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has signed a multi-year licensing, support, and maintenance contract for Convergys’ Rating and Billing Manager solution to replace its legacy billing systems for 18 million wireline subscribers.

Implementing RBM will help BSNL lower IT costs by consolidating and eliminating redundant systems, utilising a distributed open source platform, and limiting the need to pay for expensive and time-consuming custom system or application development.

BSNL is India’s largest and the world’s seventh largest telecommunications company providing a comprehensive range of telecom services

03/04/2008 - Convergys' RBM software enables Australia's largest independent mobile phone dealer to launch new segmented services

Mobileworld Operating Pty Ltd (trading as Crazy John’s), has implemented a Convergys solution, including RBM, enabling the delivery of highly segmented new mobile services to Crazy John’s customers. Crazy John’s is Australia’s largest independent mobile phone retailer.

Convergys software is supporting all aspects of subscriber management including activation, mediation, rating, billing, inventory management, and pro-active messaging capability for all pre- and post-paid services. This will Crazy John’s transition from a wireless reseller to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

11/02/2008 - Indonesian Telecom Company goes live with Convergys billing and care platform for pre- and post-paid services

PT Hutchison CP Telecommunications (HCPT) has gone live with Convergys' Rating and Billing Manager solution, which is integrated with HCPT’s intelligent network providing real time charging and balance management functions for all pre- and post-paid services.

HCPT offers innovative and affordable mobile communication services on the GSM network to the Indonesian market.

17/10/2007 - Convergys RBM provides Bouygues Telecom's billing system

Bouygues Telecom has completed an upgrade of its installation of Convergys Rating and Billing Manager, which performs the billing function for all voice, data, and broadband services of Bouygues Telecom’s Residential business unit.

Headquartered in Boulogne, France, Bouygues Telecom has 8.7 million customers and its ambition is to become the "preferred brand of mobile communication services" by further improving customer service.

13/06/2006 - ONO uses Convergys RBM software to drive services bundling, flexible pricing, and increased cable market penetration in Spain

Convergys' RBM rating and billing software is in live operation at ONO, the leading broadband communications operator in Spain. Convergys is providing convergent billing across all of ONO's services, bolstering its "triple play" offerings of voice, data, and video services, and helping to increase market penetration throughout Spain.

The implementation involved the migration of all customers and accounts and over 2.5 million recurring charge services from ONO's existing billing system to RBM.

12/04/2006 - Sri Lanka Telecom Deploys Convergys’ RBM Software

Convergys Rating and Billing Manager (RBM) and its mediation software is now fully operational at Sri Lanka Telecom supporting its customer base across all services. Colombo-based Sri Lanka Telecom is Sri Lanka’s premier telecommunication services provider with more than one million business and residential subscribers, providing domestic and international voice, Internet, and data services.

09/02/2006 - Saudi Telecom selects Convergys Rating and Billing Manager to provide advanced billing solution

Saudi Telecom Company, one of the world's top 15 most profitable telecom operators, will be using RBM to rate and bill for mobile, landline, data, and internet services for its current 12 million pre- and post-paid mobile subscribers. RBM will quickly scale to meet anticipated subscriber growth brought about by STC's delivery of new advanced services.

05/01/2006 - RomTelecom goes live with Convergys rating and billing software

RomTelecom, which serves more than 4.3 million customers throughout Romania offering a wide range of advanced communications services including fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, and internet, has gone live with Convergys’ RBM software.

Convergys served as the prime contractor providing professional services including customisations, configuration support, and migration software in order to upload data from multiple legacy systems to RBM as part of RomTelecom's overall IT renewal infrastructure programme.

09/05/2005 - Nawras Telecom uses Convergys rating and billing solution to support launch of new business

Nawras Telecom, Oman’s newest mobile service provider, has launched its commercial operation with support from Convergys Corporation. Nawras deployed a fully convergent rating/billing and customer relationship management solution, based on Convergys' Infinys™ software suite (which includes RBM) and professional and consulting services, enabling the new mobile service provider to achieve rapid market penetration and growth.

14/04/2005 - British Telecom banks on billing services savings from Convergys Rating and Billing Manager

BT Global Services has deployed Convergys's Rating and Billing Manager to consolidate a complex multinational billing operation, build convergence and drive significant cost efficiencies across separate billing systems in 16 countries.

"RBM is enabling BT Global Services to consolidate a highly complex billing operation, consisting of more than 50 billing systems across Europe, North America and Australia and myriad different tax regimes, regulations and currencies."

"The scalability and convergent properties of RBM will help BT Global Services to reach its targets of 100 million events per day by 2007," says Frank Meade, head of billing and collections for BT Global Services."

31/03/2005 - Convergys RBM supporting SmarTone's 3G enabled service offerings in Hong Kong

Convergys Corporation announced its Rating and Billing software has "gone live" for Hong Kong mobile network operator, SmarTone. Convergys worked with LogicaCMG to complete the implementation of RBM, which is supporting the rollout of SmarTone's 3G enabled service offerings.

With approximately 1 million customers, SmarTone is the leading mobile service provider in Hong Kong. SmarTone's 3G enabled service offerings include live TV news, full song downloads, real-time, multi-player online games, and video calls.

10/03/2005 - Verizon Wireless deploys Convergys' RBM software to support its rapidly growing data services

Verizon Wireless has implemented Convergys' rating and billing software, having successfully integrated RBM within its systems architecture along with other software modules. These systems are used to support the rapidly growing new wireless data offerings from Verizon Wireless.

13/12/2004 - Qatar Telecom Launches Most Advanced Convergent Billing Operation Using Convergys Software.

Qatar Telecom (Qtel), one of the largest commercial enterprises in the State of Qatar, has gone live with a highly advanced, convergent billing and customer relationship management solution, based on Rating and Billing Manager from Convergys Corporation.

Qatar Telecom's nearly 300,000 customers have the option to receive consolidated monthly or individual bills for all services subscribed to, including fixed and mobile telephony, cable TV, Internet, and multimedia messaging. Using the integrated Web self-care feature, Qtel customers can manage account details, order new services, view bills and unbilled usage, and make payments - all on the Internet. Since RBM also supports dual operations in Arabic and English, Qtel can now provide complete customer care and billing for all residential and business customers in Qatar.

26/10/2004 - Convergys RBM to support Telefonica's new value-added services in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru

Telefonica will install Convergys' rating and billing software to support the introduction of new, value-added services over ADSL and Wi-Fi to customers of broadband services provided by wireline operators of Telefonica Group in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

The Convergys rating capabilities will enable Telefonica to offer its customers the ability to download content, games, and movies. Additionally, RBM will allow Telefonica to offer pre- and post-paid services via asymmetrical digital subscriber line and Wi-Fi.

26/07/2004 - Convergys signs contract with TeliaSonera to use Convergys rating and billing software

TeliaSonera, the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic regions. TeliaSonera will use Convergys' application for rating and billing, Geneva™, to accelerate its move toward a convergent business model and lower the costs of its billing operation.

Note: some of the press release extracts refer to Geneva™, which is now the RBM™ component, and Infinys™, which for a short time was part of its the Smart Apps™ suite.

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